“Oculus Quest Pro”: Zuckerberg previews new VR headphones

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Meta’s new virtual reality headset, with a release window expected in December this year. THE Cambria projects can still take the name Meta Quest Proofficially discontinues the Oculus brand from the original startup, purchased in 2014.

In a presentation released last Thursday (12/05), Meta’s CEO presented interesting news about a new version of its VR glasses, such as the development of Mix reality mode, which combines real space with virtual objects and activities.

Combines virtual and real world, now colorful

The Presence Platform is nothing new to Oculus Quest 2 owners: it uses a pass-through method that captures the user’s environment and sends the image to the headphone screen. So far, however, the actual elements are shown in black and white.

The current experience is already quite satisfying and allows you to interact with digital elements without destroying the coffee table or kicking the sofa. However, the incoming device captures and reproduces the space with high color accuracy.

Towards a metaverse

Project Cambria’s advanced environmental reconstruction algorithm combines the real and virtual world more organically and makes the tasks and games of the new VR headsets much more interesting and comfortable.

More than reducing the inconvenience of virtual reality systems, improving the mixed reality experience is one of Zuckerberg’s main goals to create a Metaverse that is appealing to larger user groups, not just technology enthusiasts.

The name Meta Quest Pro has not yet been confirmed, but that would make sense considering branding The meta and proposal combine all the company’s services under one strong brand. Deployment is still scheduled for the end of the year, but no date has been set yet.

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