Oxford researchers are testing the vaccine against prostate, lung and ovarian cancer

Researchers at Oxford Vacmedix, a company set up by researchers at the University of Oxford in the UK, are testing volunteers with a new vaccine against three types of cancer: prostate, lung and ovarian cancer.

The immunizer attacks a protein called survivin produced by cancer cells, which is used to reduce the activity of the immune system, prevent it from attacking them and make the tumor progress.

According to a similar company, the vaccine was made from a synthetic version of the original protein that was used to “teach” the body to recognize and attack cancerous tumors.

The substance is being tested in the UK in 35 cancer patients, each receiving three doses of the immunizer every two weeks. They will be monitored for the next six months to monitor the effects of the vaccine. tumor progression ..

Cancer in the human body (Photo: Reproduction / Digital Look)

According to the researchers, the preliminary results were promising, but in the long-term study, several more steps are needed to avoid possible side effects and to get the vaccine on the shelves of pharmacies.

Although the vaccine is initially expected to only affect prostate, lung and ovarian cancer, it is expected to work for others as well, bringing hope to the treatment of the cancer.

The scientific community is looking forward to the immunizer as it represents tremendous progress in the treatment of cancer, one of the deadliest diseases today. According to a WHO study, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world in 2018, responsible for more than 9 million deaths. Globally, seven out of ten deaths are related to the disease and 70% of cases occur in low- and middle-income countries, making vaccine treatment cheaper.

Recommended photo: Cancer Vaccine. Reproduction / SoScientific.

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