Piqué and Mourinho’s years in Real Madrid: “I was going to say hello to Casilla, and he didn’t even talk to me” – Barcelona

The center talked about the mental games of the Portuguese coach in an interview with English TV

Gerard Piqué is still talked about outside the field, and this time he appeared on “The Overlap” in an interview with Gary Neville. The Spanish player spoke on a number of topics that have followed him for a long time, but revelations about José Mourinho’s coaching years at Real Madrid attracted the most attention. There were several tensions in the race between the Portuguese and Pep Guardiola, and according to Blaugrana’s central defender, the shockwaves reached the locker room of the Spanish team: “I was greeting Ikeri [Casillas] and he didn’t even talk to me. We had to do a training between the players of Barcelona and Real Madrid to restore the bonds. “The first time he went to Camp Nou and lost 5-0.” it had nothing to do with football “.


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