Rare photo: Gene Hackman appears at the event at the age of 92 and falls in love with movie fans

Two Oscars, a career with countless classics and praise for the best actors of all time Hollywood. Gene Hackmanfilm actor Fixed, unforgivable and Bonnie and Clyde, left the screen in 2004 despite numerous return invitations. On Thursday, the 12th, the actor was present at an event in Santa Fe, USA.

The data was released by the Independent and Metro on Thursday (12). Gene Hackman was present at the show Broadway Confidential, In Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The actor, who is rarely seen in public, posed for photography at the age of 92 and aroused great enthusiasm among the fans.

Wow. One of the best actors of the last 50 years. It’s good to know he’s still in good shape, even though he regretted not seeing him in the movies again, “” This gentleman has never had a bad performance, “” I’ve heard so many good stories about how he’s enjoyed his life ever since. when he retires “,” He’s exceptional “are just a few comments on the image that spread the virus twitter.

Robert Redford, Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand and Morgan Freeman are just a few of the names that have acted against the iconic actor.

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