São Carlos reaches 657 new cases of Covid-19 in five days

– Image: NIAID

This Friday (13), São Carlos recorded a further 177 positive cases of Covid-19, of which 609 are active and 1,220 people are isolated from the home due to the flu syndrome. There were no records of deaths.

No patients with suspected Covid-19 disease are currently expecting a place in UPA stabilization beds. The utilization rate of UTI SUS is 20%. In a private network, two are in the department and one in the power department.

With the new cases, the city receives 40,468 cases of the disease and 123,089 reports of the flu syndrome. The death toll remains at 587.

In five days, the city reached 657 new cases, averaging 131.4 positive tests per day. Two of the dead were recorded for two consecutive days.

On the 13th day of the month, the number of positives is even higher at 1,103. Deaths rose from 584 to 587, or three deaths from illness.

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