Smiling and in a good mood: Queen Elizabeth II reappears in public at a horse show

After missing the official opening of the English Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, appeared at the annual “Royal Windsor Horse Show” to watch her horse parade.

According to reports Caretaker, the ruler arrived at the event with one of the official vehicles, the Range Rover jeep, which Isabel II has already been seen driving. The vehicle stopped near the parade circle and the smiling queen spoke to a small group believed to be officials.

In fact, all present noted the good nature of Isabel II, as well as her recovery after a period when she was in poorer health.

During the parade, dozens of members of the audience captured a glimpse of the queen through photographs and videos.

The ruler was last seen in public on March 29 when she attended a ceremony for her late husband, Duke of Edinburgh, with hundreds of people, including the royals.

Last year, the Queen spent the night in the hospital, after which doctors ordered her to perform only light tasks, skipping several events and canceling her entire schedule.

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