Sonos unveils new soundtrack on AirPlay 2

THE Just us announced this week that it will release the latest soundbara rain. Set as an entry-level product, it’s even more compact than the popular Beam (Gen 2), but it’s not far from the audio and connectivity department.

The Ray follows the same premium look as other Sonos products and can be placed under almost any TV, measuring 71mm high, 559mm wide and 95mm long. For comparison, the beam (Gen 2) is about 70 mm wider.

Like her older sisters, new soundbar also supports AirPlay 2, which allows users to stream audio from iPhone, Mac, and iPad without connecting wires. It is also compatible with most audio streaming services on the market, including Apple Music.

According to the manufacturer, Ray has two tweeters it’s two center subwoofers is able to cover the entire room – no matter where the product is installed. If you want to make your audio experience even more immersive, you can pair soundbar with other Sonos products to create a sound system surround.

to be a soundbar input, Ray does not bring some of the brand’s other products typical features, such as support Dolby Atmos and built-in microphones for voice commands. To connect it to a TV, you need to use an optical audio cable, ie no HDMI or HDMI eARC input.

Ray is already on pre-sale on the Sonos website in two versions (white and black) $ 280delivery time from June 7.

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