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Sony is determined to continue investing in the headset market with the launch of the new WH-1000XM5. One high-end equipment for demanding userswho enjoy listening to music or watching movies without major external distractions.

Introducing the product, Sony Product Manager Victor Gorina said this the manufacturer has a market share of 34% in products up to EUR 150, assuming itself to be the segment leader. The brand says it has two headset models among the top five best-selling devices of this type. The manufacturer intends to continue to expand its range not only with this recent model but also with its new LinkBuds headset. And he says he wants to maintain leadership with the new product line.

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According to the company, the new model is aimed at 25-50 year olds, mostly men, for those who work and travel on business trips, but also for daily use in public transport. It says it’s always for connected people and music lovers looking for top-notch sound quality, advanced noise reduction, but at the same time modern design.

Active noise reduction with eight microphones and extended battery life

The new WH-1000XM5 is thus a continuation of the headset system launched in 2016 and updated in the following years. As for the novelties compared to the previous model, this It has eight noise-canceling microphones compared to the previous four M4s. It now has four beam designs with artificial intelligence compared to the previous two.

To reduce noise, it uses the HD Noise QN1 attenuation system, which is powered by a new V1 processor. Eight microphones analyze the ambient sound and ensure that the cancellation is correct. It has six external and two internal microphones, which help to process data and thus achieve excellent quality.

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Still, for automatic noise reduction, elements such as the user’s hair are taken into account in the optimization. THE the system has a 30 mm controller that can reproduce the highest frequencies. It is compatible with the LDAC format, Sony’s patented audio coding system. Enables better music quality in wireless format.

It also has other optimized components such as DSEE Extreme to improve sound quality. The system uses artificial intelligence for calls to capture users ’voice more accurately. Sony says so 500,000 samples were used to improve the AI ​​system.

The system is 360 Reality Audio certified, emphasizes an immersive sound experience and a touch of personalization to suit every user’s taste. Still, when it comes to noise reduction technology, it promises to reduce noise during a call, regardless of whether it is caused by wind, as in a work environment.

The headphones were also designed to increase comfort, which has already been confirmed by SAPO TEK with the sample received for testing. In addition to the material the leather upholstery is soft, the padding does not press on the wearer’s face and their shells “spit” completely on the ears leaving no traces. The composition of the device uses a carbon fiber hood, which not only guarantees its lightness, but also improves the sensitivity of the high frequency to reduce more natural sounds and noise. The brand says its circuits contain gold to improve the connectivity and optimization of its circuits.

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The headphones are packed in a bag with an internal compartment for storing cables and adapters. THE the rim size adapter now slides smoothlyinstead of the small adjustment clicks in the previous model.

The WH-1000XM5 uses the Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) system and each time you put the headphones on, it calibrates it to work properly. But it can also be adjusted manually. THE the system recognizes the voice, allows the use of commands for instructions, is compatible with virtual assistantsvia standard activation commands.

You can connect the headset to two devices at the same time, such as a smartphone and a computer. When the device is paired with both devices, the system automatically switches when used..

Sony promises a 30 hours of autonomy by keeping the noise reduction system active. And with a 3-minute charge, it can run for 3 hours and is always operational in emergencies. And it supports a high-speed pairing system. It should be noted that its shells contain touch commands, such as increasing the volume of the device, skipping songs, or answering calls. Sony says that with two or three taps, you can continue listening to music on Spotify without having to touch your smartphone.

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Your The Sony Headphones Connect App allows you to record volume information, As recommended by the World Health Organization, and Customize or send notifications through your smartphone’s operating system when levels are too high. The app also has a usage registry, so you can manage assault, especially for young people.

THE The WH-1000XM5 will enter the Portuguese market at the end of June, at the beginning of June at a price of 450 euros.

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