Tatiana Oliveira, from “Casados,” shares a loving moment with her baby boy, “Why are you so cute?”

This Thursday, May 12, Tatiana Oliveira, a former contestant in SIC’s “Married at First Sight” series, took to the social media to share a new moment of love with her son. The nurse shows surrender to the baby.

Through the stories of her personal Instagram account, Tatiana Oliveira shared a new love record with her eight-month-old son, Artur Maria. The nurse has published several moments about the boy to show his evolution.

The shared video shows the baby playing with a stroller on the floor and after all, the boy smiles well as he looks at Tatiana Oliveira: “Why are you so cute?”can be read in the caption.

Remember that Artur Maria is the result of a relationship between Tatiana Oliveira and Bruno Fernandes. The couple met at the SIC program “Casados ​​à Primeira Vista”.

Look now:

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