THE BALL – “Mourinho went to Camp Nou and took 0-5 and bathed in reality” (Spain)

In a spectacular interview with “The Overlap,” led by former English defender Gary Neville, Gerard Piqué opened a book about José Mourinho’s difficult times at the helm of Real Madrid, where competition with Barcelona peaked.

“I remember that when José Mourinho went to Camp Nou for the first time with Real Madrid, he took a 0-5 and reality bath after winning a trio with Inter Milan. At every press conference he weighed more and maybe it was too much for Guardiola because it was a war that didn’t nothing to do with football.Mourinho has destroyed the relationship between the players because he goes to everyone’s head so if he says he hates someone.I would greet Ikeri (Casillas) in the selection and he didn’t talk to me.We had to do a practice for Real Madrid and Barcelona players between us to restore ties, get a good locker room and win the championship, ”Barcelona Central Defender said.

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