The Eurovision Song Contest went into a scandal after the “groping” of the assistants

The Eurovision Song Contest was embroiled in a sex scandal after several volunteer aides claimed to have been “soured” at a promotional party.

The celebration was attended by artists, singers, dancers and VIP guests. daily mail.

Eurovision, which hosts the annual singing competition, has denied the allegations, but feminist organizations in Italy are calling for an urgent police investigation.

italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera said several volunteers who attended the party remember the night of horrific harassment.

“I was with another girl and a bunch of foreign dancers started watching us. They started dancing with us and we were slammed,” the woman told the Italian newspaper.

The celebration was held last Sunday at Venaria Palace, a former royal residence on the outskirts of Turin, and was attended by participants from more than 40 countries.

The women’s group Not One Less denies the event organizer, denying the volunteers ’accusations.

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