The fire destroyed at least 20 mansions off the coast of California

The “Coast Fire,” as it was called, began Wednesday afternoon in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, about 80 miles south of Los Angeles.

Images on social media show the rapid spread of the fire, which consumed the mansions and vegetation of the hills as well as the dense statues of smoke.

As a source of power from the wind from the Pacific Ocean, the flames spread over an area of ​​about 80 acres. Nearly 1,000 homes had to be evacuated in a residential area worth millions of dollars.

The size of the houses also contributed to the spread of the fire, said Lisa Bartlett, an employee of Orange County. “When you look at the size of the houses, there’s so much combustible material that burns fast, and so the wind re-ignites the flames that spread from house to house,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Orange County Fire Chief Brian Fennessy pointed out that the spread of the fire shows that because of the severe drought, the area is exposed to wildfires all year round, not just during the months of the so-called fire season.

The same has happened in much of the western United States. “It’s sad to say we’re used to this,” he said. “The wind is normal. We’re seeing a spread we haven’t seen before. The fire is spreading fast in this very dry plant.”

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but Edison, a local electricity company in Southern California, notified “district operations” to regional authorities at the same time the fire was reported.

Despite the prevalence of fires in the West of America, they are becoming more intense due to global warming caused by human activity and the consumption of fossil energy, exacerbating chronic drought.

The average summer temperature in California, on the west coast of the country, is 1.6 ºC higher than that measured in the late 19th century.

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