The first dengue death was confirmed in Cafelândia

The municipality of Cafelândia in West Parana recorded the first dengue death in the city this Thursday (12). The victim is a 91-year-old woman with other illnesses who had been in hospital since April 14 in a private hospital in Cascavel. The death occurred on May 9, but it was not until this Thursday that it was confirmed that it was a death from dengue fever.

City Hall also confirmed 1180 dengue fever notices. A total of 402 cases have already been confirmed, 468 were awaiting test results and 310 were negative.

“Unfortunately, the second year with hundreds of cases of dengue fever. Year after year, we have seen the numbers increase and the secretariat has done its part. We are asking the community once again to eliminate all Aedes breeders, this is the only way to avoid dengue.”

emphasized Andem Luiz Alves Almeida, Endemics Coordinator.

According to the coordinator, all the home visits in the Endemic sector have also been done.

– During the visits – which take place on average every 60 days in the residents’ homes – in addition to inspections and guidance, a notification and a fine are issued if necessary. However, we did not receive fines, but there is a need to raise community awareness that dengue kills. We will first guide you, pass on the right information about what to do and set deadlines. Failure to meet the deadlines (which can range from three to 15 days) will result in a fine. In addition, the Ministry of Health is in the process of concluding an emergency agreement to increase the number of indigenous factors, but I reaffirm that the substances are making the orientation, the “mouth-down” turning of bottles and objects, which must be done. citizen”,

said Alves.

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