The Google Play Store gets news for developers; Check

THE Google take a custom page approach to applications Game Store. As is already the case Apple App Storedepending on the user’s click source, the same application can have up to 50 different pages.

Steve SupeGoogle Play’s current product manager, presented at the developer conference Google I / Oseveral tools to improve application management and quality control, including a new product page presentation.

Pages by user profile

Using a geographic location system, the same application can deliver landing pages Play The store is different depending on the calendar of local holidays and the user profiles by geographical area.

The click-through platform can also affect the page that appears when you open a store, and it can vary whether it was an active search, an ad click TikTokor directly from the developer’s official page.

Unlike the App Store, which has a limit of 35 pages per app, the Play Store allows companies to create up to 50 entries with independent addresses and separate analysis to improve traffic management as well as deep links and custom layout.

Each page has independent links and analytics.Source: Google I / O

Cards with a LiveOps promotion

Another novelty of the program is the addition of promotional cards to several areas of digital commerce. You LiveOps Allows extensive display of events and seasonal promotions for games and applications directly on the Play Store home page, in related searches, on the Events tab in addition to the main application page.

LiveOps Cards includes promotions and events within apps, which increases potential internal commercializationLiveOps Cards includes promotions and events within apps, which increases potential internal commercializationSource: Play Store

The tools are still in beta by invitation, and you will need to report your participation. The conference also introduced innovations to attract new users and increase the return on the installed stock, such as monitoring faults and more detailed bug reports.

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