The left bloc is putting forward 10 proposals to protect wages from inflation

At a press conference, BE Deputy Mariana Mortágua outlined the party’s proposal to amend the 2022 State Budget (OE2022) party, which is due to expire today, in five main areas: responding to inflation, fighting fraud. and tax abuse, income and poverty alleviation policies, the protection of public services, in particular the SNS, and the provision of housing and climate protection.

To combat the effects of inflation and protect the purchasing power of families, BE is taking 10 steps, as this is an “inevitable and inevitable theme of the budget”.

“By deciding not to update wages, social benefits or even the level of taxes, the government made a choice: not to control prices, not to tax companies that exceptionally benefit from inflation and the crisis and move to pay for all the costs of the inflation crisis we are experiencing.

Blockists are proposing an “alternative policy” because they say they do not accept that “impoverishment is the only possible response to inflation.” The first proposal is to introduce a tax on extraordinary profits, as proposed by the OECD, the IMF or the European Commission.

The measure planned by BE “will create an additional tax rate of 25% on taxable income for the second half of 2021, which will be 10% higher than the taxable income for the same period last year”. companies operating in the energy and food distribution sector with a profit of more than EUR 1.5 million.

Inhibitors also want to reduce VAT on electricity and natural gas to 6 per cent and an increase in the national minimum wage of € 30 due to 4 per cent inflation in June.

For civil servants, BE requests an increase of at least 4%, which corresponds to the inflation rate, and also proposes to update the IRS scales to the same level.

The party, led by Catarina Martins, also wants to guarantee an extra temporary increase in pensions in July to protect them from inflation, as well as updating the social support index, a special reduction and raising the pension threshold.

BE reiterates the need to repeal the labor law troika standards.

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