The new Silent Hill appears in the images and is quickly removed

Rumors surrounding the development of several Silent Hill games have returned sharply as screenshots of one project were shared and removed due to copyright issues.

AestheticGamer, known as DuskGolem and a well-known source of horror game data, shared four photos About Silent Hill, which was sent to you by a new source and there was enough evidence to believe them.

However, the photos were removed quickly and AestheticGamer assures that the new Silent Hill is under construction. One of the concept art images was created in October 2020 and was signed by Masahiro Ito, a well-known illustrator who worked on the original Silent Hill trilogy.

For several months, Ito has been merged with the new Silent Hill, which many believed was handed over to Hideo Kojima, but more recent data suggests that one of several Silent Hill games under development will be handed over to a UK studio.

AestheticGamer, who correctly disclosed information about games like Resident Evil Village and the Resident Evil 3 remake, says there’s a lot more to reveal, especially in terms of the story, but he wants to keep that information to himself for now.

In addition, he is aware that he will receive criticism and become an invited liar, but he will trust the information at hand and will soon share more.

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