The South Town team will become the DLC in May

A new trio of fighters will be added to The King of Fighters XV on May 17th. According to SNK, the South Town team, which includes Geese Howard, Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki, is the next new addition to the game, combining a solid set of characters in the form of a DLC.

The news was accompanied by a playable trailer where it is possible to observe the visuals, the details of the combos and the special abilities of the fighters. The highlight is Hanhe’s arrival, which is presented with the story of his son Rock Howard, originally presented in Fatal Fury and a current member of the Garou team.

Watch the video below:

In addition, SNK has confirmed that it will release a free update for all platforms by adding songs. The King of Fighters Neowave “To the DJ station”. THEother songs are already in the publisher’s plans and should soon reach the title.

King of Fighters XV was confirmed in EVO 2022

In March, it was revealed that The King of Fighters XV is one queue EVO 2022, one of the biggest digital battles on the planet. Expected to happen in person in between August 5 and 7, the event will see Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7 and other names. Click here for more information.

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