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Ljubomir Stanisic is known to the public for its “lack of filters,” although the topics are still taboo for many. The controversial Yugoslav chef who came to revolutionize Portuguese cuisine will never leave anyone indifferent when he decides to open his heart and talk openly about his life.

When it comes to war, his stories are cold and test anyone’s ability to settle on their skin. Close your eyes and thanks to Ljubo’s testimony, we can almost hear the sound of bullets when we understand the fear that a child of your age caused him to grab a gun. But these are not the only episodes told by SIC’s face that resonate with it in the minds of those who follow it.

Whenever Ljubomir sat down for a good conversation – even though he knew he was being recorded – Ljubomir managed to leave the mouth of those who listened to him open. So when it comes to women and sex … there’s no one to grab it.

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Shock: Sexual harassment in the kitchen of Hell in Ljubomir Stanisic

Ljubomir makes no secret of being a sex man, and some are even shocked by his more private revelations. In the midst of the pandemic, he described in detail when, where and how he had sex with his wife while the children attended online classes. But in the past, he guarantees to fall in love with him over and over again in the kitchen, and before he met it was complete madness.

It’s a case of saying that “the spell turned against the wizard” and the cook has “caught the bends”. The chef is now accused of harassing rival Cândida Batista behind the scenes at Hell’s kitchen. He remains silent, other competitors guarantee they have never seen anything, but his name’s involvement in the sex scandal is no longer free. Ljubomir may have to answer Brazilian charges ….

Meet Cândida Batista, Playboy chef and model who heats the “kitchen of hell”


The rebellious, outspoken and sometimes controversial Ljubomir Stanisic has always made women fall in love with him. In 2017, he revealed in an interview with ‘Expresson’ that he was a female man to whom no “skirt tail” escapes. “He was a great woman, half from Lisbon.”, says without problems. “When I was single, I had fun, really, really, really, really … I woke up in the morning and I didn’t even know who was in bed.”

Ljubomir’s unforgettable return to Sarajevo

This instinct even led him to his first marriage to a lawyer named Susana. “It had been illegal for three or four years and he was a lawyer. One day I stepped into his office, he smiled and said, ‘ “Before I handle the paperwork, do you want to go to lunch?” We went to lunch, we had an Ibis. A little later she married “remember.

Everything changed when he met his current wife, Mónica Franco. “It’s the purest love in the world. She’s the woman of my life. She won’t admit it, but without her I wouldn’t be half of what I am today. She brings me a lot of peace. It’s the first time in my life that I love a girl. Women.”

And so it’s no surprise that there are things like that on his list of his most secret pleasures “cooking on Europe ‘s largest white truffle, many times with my wife [a jornalista Mónica Franco] in the kitchen [do 100 Maneiras] and made food for people like Anthony Bourdain.

Pulsating encounters in captivity

On a completely public channel Ljubomir Stanisic revealed the secrets to lighting a flame with his wife despite the difficulty of having children at home in these isolated days.

“It’s very fucked up,” he began by admitting ‘5 to Midnight’ on Thursday 26. But there’s a solution to everything, and there’s no shortage of creativity in the chef’s house with him and his wife, Mónica Franco.

“We’ve“ given a lot ”unobtrusively.Fortunately, the kids aren’t here, I can tell you the secrets. It is usually always in the morning and during the day. We never wait for the night because at night it is impossible. That’s why the best things always happen in the morning and after lunch because they have to go to school. [online]”he explained.

Monica’s drama saved by Ljubomir Stanisic

“We’ve always taught them to study music, so when it’s time for an hour I go with Mónica to “check the toilet paper rolls”. Usually we agreed on a date: “I love, wash the laundry.” And he says “okay.” The house is not big, 80 square meters, the kids are listening to music, they are studying at the same time and we are enjoying it, ”he added.

But it doesn’t end there. Also when children “play ball”. “Because we have a garden in front.”

Ljubomir also provides tips for muting sounds. “Usually it’s always a pillow in your mouth, a used roll of toilet paper – that brown part – and it’s become beautiful. It lasts longer and lasts longer,” he said with a laugh.


Although Ljubomir has always spoken openly about his sexuality, he never thought he could be publicly accused of harassing a woman. And it happened recently. Cândida Batista, a former competitor in Hell’s kitchen, claims to have “disgust what happened” during the recordings of the program, where, according to his version, chef Ljubomir disturbed him. “While recording the show, I encountered daily harassment. It all happened in front of everyone with the cameras on.”

The Brazilian competitor included, “There were completely inappropriate lines to the point where eventually the participants came up to me saying they didn’t think it was normal for him to talk to me that way.”

The owner of ‘100 Maneira’ did not comment. SIC also did not comment. Candida is now demanding compensation of 40 thousand euros from the chef and permission to take the matter to court.


Rarely did a colleague want to comment on a former colleague’s words. However, whoever wanted to was shocked by such statements. It was the case of Rafaela Gonçalves who, without fear, asserted that “the story was more the opposite”. “If there was harassment, it was the other way around. I never saw a chef do anything. In fact, he even stayed away from him, I don’t know if he doubted his intentions … There were people with whom he had a lot more affinity. Whatever!”convince.

Ljubomir Stanisic relentless in the kitchen of Hells Kitchen

Rafael Ribeiro met with his colleague. “I was there for a little while, but whatever I had, I never saw anything. I barely got along with Candida, she’s not the kind of person who fascinates me or would like to be close, but I’ve never seen anything.”

The rest remained silent and according to what “Mag” found, because they have agreed that they do not intend to pursue the matter further.


This is not the first time Candida has accused the chef of overreacting to him. Already in 2016, Chef from Rio also sued the Austrian boss and accused him of harassing the woman in the locker room of a restaurant he owned. In an interview with the Brazilian Ego site, a former competitor at SIC’s Hell’s Kitchen condemned the episode that had taken him to the “saturation point” after the alleged approach: “After harassing work time, he grabbed me. It was the culmination, I couldn’t stand the pressure and condemned him.” Candida, guaranteed, has been fired on the spot: “I got fired for condemning the restaurant owner for sexual abuse.”

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