The successor to the SMS, the RCS standard, already has 500 million active users

Rich communication technology (RCS) is considered to be SMS follower, which is currently used by more than 500 million people worldwide, although Apple does not take this feature into account. The issue was published Google this Wednesday (11th) at the opening of Google I / O 2022.

According to Mountain View, the number of users a new standard for mobile communications refers to the number of people who have the feature enabled android messaging application. This system is supported by operators in several countries, which brings improvements over traditional text messaging.

At the search giant’s annual conference, the company took the opportunity to push its rival, which opposes the introduction of the standard. SMS exchange on iPhone. Apple has its own application for this purpose iMessagewhich is quite popular in the US, but it has to resort to the traditional model to exchange messages with Android.

Google celebrates 500 million RCS users at Google I / O 2022.Source: 9to5Google / Reproduction

“We expect all mobile operating systems to receive the message and update it to RCS. That’s why your messages are private, regardless of the device you’re using.” apple.

The benefits of RCS

More modern than text messaging RCS has similar features to text messaging the most popular messengers todaysuch as WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger. That is, you can send voice and video messages, share files, photos, and stickers, create chat groups, and more.

Also, the character limitation of an old standard message is not a problem in newer technology. In addition, Google confirmed that RCS will have some improvements later this year, such as the arrival end-to-end encryption in group discussionsincrease security.

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