The Ukrainian army continues to use the WW1 machine gun model – Observer

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They are being ridiculed by the Russian media, but the Ukrainian army continues to use them. Maxim came to Ukraine in 1910 while it was still part of the Russian Empire and now they are seen again in battle.

As its name suggests, this machine gun model appeared in 1910 and some of them are used to fight the Russian armyAfter the February 24 attack. But why do Ukrainian troops continue to use weapons that are more than a century old? The Russians say it is because they do not have more modern ones, but the answer may be different, according to The Economist.

The M1910 weighs 68 kg and includes a two-wheeled body guard that allows the gun to be towed. The British newspaper says they are a Russian version of the first automatic machine gun created and patented by the American inventor Hiram Maxim in 1883.

These weapons have advantages over some newer models. The expanding gases generated by bullet firing carry the next round of bullets, and the cooling barrel allows firing to continue for long periods of time. The machine gun versions of the Maxim were very effective in the battles of the First World War, where they were used by the army of the Russian Empire.


The most modern machine guns are much lighter than the M1910 and also easier to carry. For example, the Russian PKM model weighs less than a fifth of the M1910. However, as The Economist points out, they have a downside: they don’t have cooling.

In 2016 The M1910 regained the weapons status of the Ukrainian government. The Russian news agency TASS said at the time that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense had given the green light to the use of these machine guns in military operations in the south-east of the country. Weapons are only available on request, as some Ukrainian defense units have already done.

The Economist explains that the M1910s have been useful in fixed defenses after the Russian invasion. These machine guns are not officially used by any other army, although they are also used by Russian militias in the breakaway region of Donbass.

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