“There are no tricks with my son …”

Judite Sousa turned to social networks to leave the eruption on social networks without revealing to whom her words are addressed.

“There will be a day; a day when some ‘people’ have to meet me face to face. It could be in Lisbon or anywhere else in the world. But it will happen. I promise you # 👩‍”, can be read in the caption of the publication.

In the comment box, Followers left a spike on Joana Marques, who dedicated the episode on the “Extremely Unpleasant” channel in Rádio Renascença to a recent interview with journalist Manuel Luís Goucha. However, one follower shot: “What a lack of sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life is a pathway” can be read.

Judith Sousa replied: “There are no tricks with my son!”, can be read from the editor ‘s reply, which did not disclose whether the comment was a reference to the episode in question. In the aforementioned episode to which the Editor’s Followers pointed out, Joana Marques did not comment on Judite Sousa’s son. Listen:

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