“They’ll stay in my story forever …”

Cristina Ferreira introduced social media this morning, Friday, May 13, to announce herself to two winners of recent editions of “Big Brother Famosos” magazine, Kasha and Bernardo Sousa.

TVI’s Director of Entertainment and Fiction was grateful to get to know the two former competitors better after the program and made a beautiful statement: “My winners. They will stay in my story forever. And in my life. The opportunity to get to know them better after the program made me realize that I’m really lucky.start typing.

“They are two men with hearts in the right place. They came from cloudy areas and the sun stepped on their paths softly. @Francisco_mp released his solo work full of emotion and life today. can still read.

“The future can only prove that this was for them. I want to feel that there are unexplained things. That our destiny is marked by things. Or else it seeks and lives everything in the heart. It always works. ♥ ️ ”decided Cristina Ferreira.


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