“This is discrimination and you rub your shoulders”

Last Saturday, May 7, TVI’s Em Família host Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Rúben Rua, among other guests, received commentary on the “Big Brother-Final Challenge.”

Cinha Jardim was one of those in the studio and ended up making a comment that “spoke” on social media when she shared her opinion on who should win this TVI reality show: “Bruna? No. There are so many Portuguese playing here…”he said, as you can read here.

In front of the words, Luan Tiófilo, a former rival of “Casa dos Segredos 7”, decided to speak. On the afternoon of this Friday, May 13, the Brazilian businessman spared no criticism celebrity.

“How can a person talk so much nonsense on Portuguese television, but still have room to be there?”began with an interrogation.

“It’s not acceptable for a person not to be able to win a TV show because of ‘citizenship.’ There’s one thing he wants to talk about about Brun and how he’s playing inside the house, saying now that he can’t win because there are so many Portuguese there. this is DISCRIMINATION. And you pass the cloth “he added.

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