Unprecedented research in Brazil is looking for new variants of covid-19

  • Giulia Granchi
  • BBC News from Brazil on Sao Paulo

Credit, Katerina Kon / Getty Images

Brazil is the next country to conduct a nationwide study of the coronary virus on a platform set up by the British government to help other countries expand their capacity in viral genomic sequencing, called the NVAP (New Variant Assessment Platform).

The study, carried out in collaboration with the Corti-Ômica network of the MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), is the largest genome control initiative ever conducted in Brazil and should identify variants and subtypes circulating in 27 Brazilian territories. States to help understand the spread of Sars-CoV-2 in the national territory.

The study is funded by the UKHSA (UK National Health Insurance Agency) and is supported by researchers from various Brazilian federal universities and the Pardini Group, a diagnostic medical network that makes positive tests collected from more than 6,000 patients available. laboratories and partners.

The goal of the team is to sequence the complete Sars-CoV-2 genome from approximately 5,000 laboratory samples collected per month for approximately 6 months.

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