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Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov assured Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “very ill” with cancer: – He is in very poor physical and mental condition. The official also anticipates a change of power in Russia – which, he admits, could happen through a coup, and stresses that “the process [de transferência] is already under way. “

In an interview with Sky News Kyrylo Budanov says that the defeat in the war in Ukraine could also accelerate the coup and – hence – the departure of Vladimir Putin.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence shows he is “optimistic” about the outcome of the war. the conflict could be resolved by the end of the year, emphasizes that a “turning point” may occur as early as mid-August. “Most of the fighting is over by the end of the year,” he says, predicting a victory for Ukraine that will be able to regain “lost territory,” including Donbass and Crimea.

Kyrylo Budanov says Russia’s tactics on the battlefield have not changed. Despite the turn to the east, the official signals that Moscow’s troops suffer “big losses” In terms of both soldiers and equipment, many Russian troops are still leaping.


Kyrylo Budanov assures that Ukraine knows “everything” about Russia – including its plans – devaluing Russia’s military power. “Europe sees Russia as a major threat. They are afraid of aggression “he fired and added that “the much-publicized Russian power is a myth.”

“They’re not that powerful”points out the official, revealing that Russian troops were pushed to the border near Kharkov, an area where Ukraine has conquered villages and towns temporarily occupied by Russia.

Kyrylo Budanov rejects it, claiming that he is spreading pro-Ukraine propaganda and saying it is “his job.” “If I don’t know these things?”he asked.

The rumor about Vladimir Putin’s illness is not new. Also this Friday, New Lines reported access to a conversation with a Russian oligarch near the Kremlin, in which he says the Russian president is “very ill with blood cancer.” The recording does not tell if it was leukemia, lymphoma or some other cancer.

The special site Bellingcat assures that the Russian secret services sent a classified secret requesting that this information be banned.

“The memorandum urged regional officials not to trust rumors of the president’s incurable illness,” explained Christo Grozev of Bellingcat. “There are also guidelines to deny these rumors to their local units. According to a source who saw the memo, this unprecedented instruction had the opposite effect, as most FSB agents began to believe that Putin did indeed have a serious illness.

For the first time, Putin misses a hockey tournament and rumors of his health

Vladimir Putin was not in the hockey tournament he founded himself, which raised doubts about his health.

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