Warner Bros. MultiVersus. Games is already sending invitations to the closed Alpha

Game tests will be held on May 19-27. between

Combines characters as diverse as Batman, Finn and Tom & Jerry, Warner Bros. MultiVersus fighting game. Games should begin the closed alpha testing phase soon. The company has already begun distributing invitations to players who already have an account on their systems.

According to the developer, a trial period is available PRAÇA (Via Steam), Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox one. The game servers open May 19 at 1 p.m. (Brazilian time) and closes at at 9 p.m. 27 the same month.

All those invited to MultiVersus testing should be aware of this No unlocked progress or achievements will advance to the final version of the game. All communication between players and developers takes place through a public channel maintained by the game on Discord.

Warner confirmed a few signs

Until this moment, Warner Bros. Games has not confirmed whether the full list of games will be available during the Alpha testing period.. However, the company has assured that players can control Batman, Sausage (Scooby-Doosta), Long leg and Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) for a period to be determined by him.

As the sharing of invitations began, the developer released a new video showing how well-known names in the fighting game community react to the title. Although MultiVersus offers a more relaxed suggestion than other style titles, Warner Bros. Games also announced that it will have a 2v2 tournament in EVO 2022.

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Promised release later this year MultiVersus has not yet revealed the date it will hit stores. The game brings together several characters from Warner’s extensive list and has already confirmed in his actors e.g. Super man, Wonderful, Harley Quinn, Stevenin universes, Jake and the original fighter Rhinoceros.


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