“We will never come to your family and you will never come to my family …”

This Thursday, May 12, the second “Diário” from the program “Married at First Sight” was presented at SIC. The atmosphere between Cristina and Luís is still very “sour”.

During breakfast, Cristina and Luís begin to answer some questions from experts to alleviate the couple’s tense atmosphere. However, the questions did not help the situation further.

In the first question: “What was the moment of this honeymoon that took us away the most and why?” Luís believes that no situation kept the couple apart. Cristina, on the other hand, fired immediately: “You are estranged!”.

The contestant recalled the couple’s discussion of family routines, more specifically meal times: “It was related to our family routines, for me it was an impressive moment because it is related to what I held with your authority. It was very clear to me that my family routines will not change. “

Luís begins to get annoyed and explains: “When I have lunch with my mother, my uncle, the diners are holy. If I am willing to accept your family’s rules and norms, I think you and your family should be willing to accept mine while they are there. “

Cristina decided to settle the matter immediately and said: “We will never come to your family and you will never come to my family. That’s clear!”

See the whole moment here.

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