With low coverage, the flu vaccine reaches new groups – Hora Campinas

With the exception of the elderly, all other groups in the Campinas influenza vaccine are weaker than expected. Despite the high number of cases of respiratory syndrome in the municipality, only 19% of children, or 12,268 children under the age of 5, were vaccinated. The proportion of pregnant women and women who have given birth is also poor: 17% and 26%. Influenza vaccination is valid until June 3.

Starting next Monday (16th), the health agency will expand flu vaccinations for truck drivers, public transport workers, port workers, security and rescue forces, the armed forces, prison staff, and the private population. -training measures.

The campaign began on March 26 and so far 149,187 people have been vaccinated. This year, the vaccine will protect against influenza A (H1N1), influenza A (H3N2) and influenza B. The composition changes each year according to the virus strains in circulation. Therefore, people should be vaccinated annually to avoid complications from the flu and serious illnesses such as pneumonia.

low coverage

Number of people vaccinated this Thursday 12.5. includes the entire eligible audience – over 60 years of age, health professionals, indigenous peoples, pregnant women, postpartum women (women up to 45 days postpartum), children under 5 years of age, the disabled, educational professionals and other sick people.

Chaula Vizelli, coordinator of the vaccination program, points out that, according to the partial balance of the campaign, vaccination coverage for children and pregnant women is very low and that it is extremely important that these two groups be vaccinated to avoid complications, especially on arrival. during the coldest days and with the increased circulation of respiratory viruses.

“It’s important for pregnant women to get vaccinated, because in addition to protecting themselves, the vaccine also protects the newborn. I also call on mothers to take their children for the flu and measles vaccine. It is completely safe to get both vaccines at the same time and it is the adult’s responsibility to ensure that the children are protected, ”he explained.

He says the vaccine is safe, made from pieces of the virus. Pregnant women and children have the weakest immunity, and the vaccine protects children and newborns from the flu. “Pregnant women can even take advantage of prenatal consultation to get vaccinated against the flu,” she suggested.

According to the coordinator, in the winter the population is more prone to get the flu and it takes a few days after the vaccine is given to achieve the desired effect and protect the body, so it is important to go to a health center as soon as possible. possible to receive a dose.


Partial balance of influenza coverage

Healthcare workers

Doses used: 24,992

Vaccination coverage: 48%

for pregnant women

Doses used: 1,855

Vaccination coverage: 17%

women who have given birth

Doses used: 467

Vaccination coverage: 26%


Doses used: 104,964

Vaccination coverage: 72%

Training professionals

Doses used: 692


Doses used: 18

People with comorbidities

Doses used: 3,931

Total number of doses used: 149 187

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