Without Charlene, Alberto from Monaco travels with his children to Disneyland and raises rumors of separation

Prince Albert Traveled from Monaco recently Disneyland Paris with the youngest children, twins Jacques and Gabriella, a journey that coincides with the 30th anniversary of the theme park. In the published pictures, the prince is seen with his two children with the characters Mickey and Minnie in front of the castle.

The pictures, where Princess Gabriella is first seen in glasses, show a flaw Charlenewho is not involved with her husband and children on this journey, which in turn gives strength to the rumors of a possible separation from the royal couple.

It should be noted that this week the international press reported that Alberto and Charlene had entered into a millionaire agreement before the princess returned to the principality. 14 months away from public life due to illness, Charlene has returned home and has already started performing at public events with her husband and children. The magazine, however sound says that this return to normal is not quite what it looks like.

According to this publication, Charlene has arranged for her return with her husband, and both parties have signed a confidential agreement setting out a millionaire, stating that the prince must now pay € 12 million a year for the woman’s return. public life and official events.

The same publication also claims to have found other clauses in the agreement, such as the fact that Charlene had asked to live in Switzerland while traveling to Monaco in special circumstances to fill the official agenda. The children, twins Jacques and Gabriella, seven years old, would stay with their father.

It will be recalled that Charlene spent six months in South Africa last year treating a serious ear, nose and throat infection she received shortly after arriving in the country. He returned to Europe in November after arriving at the clinic to continue his recovery. In March of this year he returned to the principality and gradually returned to his duties.

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