Zelenski accuses Macron of trying to make “diplomatic concessions” in talks with Moscow

“We are not allowed to look for a way out of Russia, and Macron is doing so. In vain,” Zelensky complained in an interview with Italian television channel RAI, which was broadcast today by international agencies.

– I know that he wants results in mediation between Russia and Ukraine. But it didn’t become anything, ”the Ukrainian president pointed out, referring to Macron’s strategy.

He added: “Until Russia wants and understands that it must end the war, it will not seek a way out.”

Zelenski recalled Macron said on Monday that an end to the war in Ukraine requires peace without “humiliating” Russia, but that the Ukrainian leader said the French head of state “did not have to make diplomatic concessions” to Moscow.

Zelensky believes it is not “right” to let Putin “save his face” at a time when the Russians are still trying to take over southern and eastern Ukraine.

Yet Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his willingness to meet with Vladimir Putin, “but only with him, without a mediator” and “with a dialogue approach, not with demands.”

The French Presidency has already commented on Zelensky’s statements on Macron’s strategy to resolve the war in Ukraine and denied that the French leader would act in the absence of Kiev.

“The President of the Republic never discussed anything with Vladimir Putin without the consent of President Zelensky. He has always said that it is up to the Ukrainians to decide on the terms of negotiations with the Russians, the Elysee Palace said in a statement.

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