Zenless Zone Zero, MiHoYon action role-playing game, revealed

Recently, miHoYo promised to announce the game this Friday (13). Well, order Zenless Zone for Zero, the new action role-playing game from Genshin Impact Studio, whose first trailer was released. The content draws attention to the futuristic theme and small snippets of battle.

As in Genshin’s Traveler saga, the community can select a number of characters to face challenges outside of New Eridu, the last human shelter in a world of creatures known as Ethereal. These creatures appeared after a “hollow” event on the planet.

Watch the Zenless Zone Zero trailer below:

According to MiHoYo, players are in the shoes of a “proxy server” and embark on an exciting adventure. Along the way, the characters that make up your group are introduced to reveal the mysteries behind Onto and New Eridu.

Some portals, such as GamesRadar +, compared the style of opponents and other short game elements in Scarlet Nexus and NEO: The World Ends With You. We can only wait to get more information about Zenless Zone Zero.

Will Zenless Zone Zero come to PlayStation?

miHoYo has already released apps for Zenless Zone Zero closed trials for PC and iOS mobile devices. On the FAQ page, the developer said it will soon expand the availability of the title to more platforms.

Given the fact that the Genshin Impact was released for the PlayStation, the studio may design a gateway to Sony consoles. More news will be shared in the future.

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