Addicted game: Bruna gets planes from Bernardo and he goes to the studio to defend his girlfriend. What follows to protect a small couple? – celebrities

Criticism has escalated over the way TVI and Cristina Ferreira promote Brazilian Bruna Gomes, a girlfriend in the Big Brother – Desafio Final and winner of the last edition of the reality TV series, Bernardo Sousa.

“I find the highlight TVI gives this competitor shocking. He’s completely, absolutely dead in the game! (And I’ve been watching 24 all week, so don’t give me strings)”pointed out behavioral expert Susana Areal on social media about the alleged popularity of the status of Queluz de Baixo with Bernardo Sousa’s girlfriend.

But let’s go to the parts. On May 2, Bernardo Sousa, the winner of the final edition of Big Brother Famosos, was allowed to come to Malveira’s house to kiss his girlfriend and leave him presents., namely a flight ticket dated 30 May. The Madeiran pilot was taken by crane to surprise Bruna Gomes with a hug, kisses and promises for the future. Bernardo Sousa was already in the first deportation gala of the Desafio final, where he announced he would enter the house.

On May 8, coach Susana Areal also drew attention: “[A Bruna] He only appeared as TVI prepared for Bernardo’s departure, and now at the Gala, as Cristina calls him the center of attention several times. Why are you entitled to recognition if there is no history inside ?! “

This Thursday, 12 June, Bruna Gomes received a plane with a controversial message: “Bernardo Bru doesn’t like you, you don’t deserve it. Forget it.“The young Brazilian was shocked by the message that crossed Malveira’s sky.” I don’t understand that message because he’s there. Why didn’t the person send it to him? ”He wondered. A few hours later, Bernardo reacted and sent a plane to calm his girlfriend.“Don’t go wrong. I love you,” read the banner. “I love you,” the Brazilian replied. At night, Bernardo Sousa went to the “Big Brother – Desafio Final” to justify the message. “It was a complicated day, I was working in Porto and the phone started ringing. I went to find a solution to calm down and leave my heart a little full,” he recalls.

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The rally driver explained to the fans negative comments on social media.

The Madeira pilot took the opportunity to throw barbs at the house. “There’s always a chance to show a little heart that they don’t have it, but in a way he had a good sense of a little warmth from home. It was also possible to spot some who reacted more to the cold, I realized this was the answer and it was not worth leaving“She is hot.

Of the first message, Bernardo was even more specific: “What matters is my message, my affection and my love for him and the rest are messages and opinions from people who unfortunately have an opinion and do not pay taxes“he assured.

The same day at night, competitors had the right to see the documentary Cristina and Kasha – Sítio Bom At the Big Brother House the documentary left Bruna feeling. The TVI director’s next documentary will be seen with Brazilian boyfriend Bernardo Sousa.

The tone of the criticism is reinforced and points out that the remaining competitors, who are in the house of “Big Brother”, have not played the same role as Bruna Gomes in the production and distribution of the program. one of the winning favorites among commentators on TVI’s reality show, such as Zé Lopes, or as a potential winner for Cristina Ferreira.

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