An iPhone with a USB-C port is under Apple testing and comes with an adapter

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple enabling a USB-C connection on the iPhone. The Cupertino giant has tried to keep its lightning gate, but pressure from the EU and others has increased.

As this path must soon be a reality, Apple is already taking steps in this direction. Recent data now reveals that the creator of the iPhone has already begun testing to launch this novelty on your smartphone.

A big change that Apple is preparing for

USB-C is already a reality in many Apple products. This was the solution the company chose to equip its MacBook a few years ago and is now applying to the iPad as a faster and more common interface.

It’s also a USB-C that will soon be available on the iPhone, according to data now being developed by Bloomberg. This is not a novelty that had already taken shape this week, according to rumors related to the production chain.

iPhone Apple USB-C Lightning port

USB-C port and adapter on the go

The big difference now is that the existing data shows that the tests have started and that Apple also has a novelty in this process. In addition to switching to a USB-C port, the company is also testing a new adapter.

This is able to convert the USB-C port to the Lightning connector, which is the current iPhone standard. With this new proposal, users of the new iPhone can keep older peripherals and others that take time to convert to a new connection proposal.

iPhone Apple USB-C Lightning port

Everything should come with the 2023 iPhone

Another important piece of information that was released understands that this news doesn’t come with the iPhone’s 2022 model. Apple will save for 2023 the arrival of this important change for the iPhone and the brand itself.

This change brought to Apple's iPhone looks certain. EU pressure in this area should play an important role, but at the same time it will make life easier for users who can only use one cable and one connection in all their signaling devices.

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