BALL – «Ricardo Soares has already had some suggestions, but nothing has been able to get him to leave» (photos) (Gil Vicente)

Gil Vicente was received this Friday at Barcelos Town Hall. The reception marks the unprecedented qualification of the gilista group for European competitions and will play in the conference league next season.

“This is the only way we will achieve our goals. This campaign was great, but it doesn’t give us any more: yes in the media, but points for the next season, zero! The difficulties will be huge, as always, but we have a lot of faith in our work,” in his statement on the side of the ceremony.

Success comes at a price… and the resort has a host of suitors. Samuel Lino has already been sold to Atlético Madrid and more is needed elsewhere, but the idea of ​​a revolution on the team is immediately ruled out. Sana Francisco Dias da Silvalta.

“Financial profitability is important, but there are more important things. As in January, no one will be let out. I resisted with difficulty and now I oppose it in full. I can’t guarantee one or the other athlete will come out, but that’s our life. And it has gone well because we have had the know-how and good luck with the newcomers, ”he said.

The idea also applies to a coach who “has already had suggestions, but none of them have made him ask to leave.” The contract “is still valid for another year”, which in football “unfortunately” does not guarantee anything. The coach’s words “don’t prepare to leave” but belong to those who “know that tomorrow is not known in this environment”. And if he has to change, “Gil Vicente won’t end.”

See photos of the reception (photos by Víctor Garcez / ASF)

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