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The celestial dance offers the inhabitants of the country an embodiment embodied in the night sky at dawn from Sunday to Monday. One a complete eclipse covers the moon in red as the earth passes between it and the sun; and the earth’s natural satellite is shrouded in the shadow of the planet. Portugal is on the route of an astronomical phenomenon and you can observe “February” from 3.28 to 7.52 in Lisbon.

Then mark it on your calendar: it all starts around 8pm in Lisbon, when the moon rises like a huge red globe on the horizon. Don’t go for the wire: at this point The Earth’s natural satellite is still illuminated by white light from the Sun.. However, when the Moon reflects the same radiation, it turns reddish as it spreads into the Earth’s atmosphere, explains the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory.

THE the actual eclipse begins at 2.31 when the Moon begins to step into the Earth’s penumbra – the least dark area of ​​the planet’s shadow – and it gets darker and grayer. The play intensifies at 3.28, when the Moon begins to show reddish and brownish tones as it enters the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow – the umbrella.

THE The peak of the eclipse is in mainland Portugal between 4.29 and 5.54, when the Moon is completely inside the shadow cone of the Earth and is dressed in red. But it never disappears completely: during eclipse, the sun’s rays pass through the planet’s atmosphere and dissipate. Blue and green light are absorbed, but the red rays go forward and hit the Earth’s natural satellite.


This complete eclipse is special because there is a perfect alignment between the Sun, the Earth, and the Earth’s natural satellite. takes place just two minutes before the full moon at 5.12. Forty-two minutes later, he begins to rise from the shadow of the earth and gradually changes from red and brown to gray.

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