BOLA – Chapecoense pays compensation to survivor (Brazil)

Chapecoense reached an agreement with Alan Ruschel to pay compensation. The 32-year-old left defender in Londrina is currently receiving € 436 thousand (about 2.3 million real) in salary, employment insurance and moral compensation for the accident.

The agreement was reached a year after Ruschel sued the club for 626 thousand euros. In February 2022, the Brazilian emblem denied the payment, claiming that the tragedy benefited the player by bringing him fame, but eventually reached an agreement.

It is recalled that on 29 November 2016, a plane in which the Chapecoense team faced the Atlético Nacional in the finals of Copa Sudamericana crashed near Medellín (Colombia). The tragedy killed 71 of the 77 people on the plane, and Ruschel was one of three surviving players.

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