Childhood guys. Martim Sousa Tavares tells the story of Carolina Patrocinio: “I was drowning in the sea”

Martim Sousa Tavares had been How’s it going! TV this Friday, the 13th, with SIC Mulher Sponsoring Carolina. The director and presenter of the program are friends of childhood and during the discussion the judge of the program idols told an unprecedented story about a time when they spent a vacation together.

They have known each other since they were little, but have not seen each other for many years. In the SIC Mulher program, the presenter said she was on vacation at the house Miguel Sousa Tavares, the father of the master. “Sour parents are long – time friends (and the groom”said Maestro of the Algarve seasons before the revelation was issued. “This story is very cute and it has to be told“, he shot, leaving the presenter curious.

Carolina must have been 14 years old. You were at the beach with your sisters, and so was I. And you went swimming far. You said goodbye to us and we said goodbye! [ acenar]“, starts with the video you see below.

And you continued the same thing and we said “goodbye, goodbye!”plays the conductor. “At some point, your dad will run past me. Take my ferry and realize Carolina was really drowning“, reveals his astonishment in front of Sara Matos during the discussion of the program.

“I asked for help and you said goodbye!”, assumes Carolina Patrocínio from the past moment. “I started swimming and you should always do it next to the beach and swim towards the horizon“, he admitted. According to Martim Sousa Tavares, the lifeguard arrived at the presenter before his father because he had the fastest board.

Watch the rest of the story in the video above. which made Carolina mention the following: “I’ve always said that in my family, reality wins fiction.“he underlined.

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