Every day, 12 people from BH were diagnosed with dengue fever last week

Belo Horizonte had 85 positive dengue fever diagnoses last week. The total number of people infected has now reached 422. This means that every day, 12 people have a positive disease spread by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The information is from certificate published by City Hall through the Municipal Health Department (SMSA) this Friday (13).

According to the report, the number of confirmed cases may increase, with 1,255 reported cases awaiting results. “2,407 cases were investigated and rejected,” reads an extract from the statement.

The total number of cases this year – 422 – represents 41.9% of the cases registered last year: 1,007. March 2022 was the month with the highest number of confirmed cases so far: 142. See monthly list:

  • January -84
  • February – 49
  • March -142
  • April -134
  • may – 13

The Northeast region, with 104 confirmed cases, is the region with the highest number of diagnoses in the city. No deaths from dengue fever were reported in the capital of Minas Gerais.

Zika and Chikungunya

Other diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes include Chikungunya and Zika. There are 27 confirmed cases of the first disease in the capital, Minas Gerais, and none of the second. No deaths were found.


Look at the precautions that the population can and should take in their homes and workplaces to prevent the spread of Aedes aegypt.

  • Remove pots from potted plants;
  • Place cans, plastic and glass containers and generally disposable materials in plastic bags, close well;
  • Keep the trash covered. Always put rubbish in the city cleaning service collection;
  • Keep the water tank, the tank, the barrel / drum and very well tightly closed and leaving no openings;
  • Always check for a clogged gutter, remove leaves and anything that may be blocking the flow of water;
  • Deliver the tires for city cleaning. If you need them, keep them dry and store them in a covered place;
  • Treat the pool water with chlorine and clean it once a week;
  • Keep the toilet lid closed at all times. Rinse in the unused bathroom once a week;
  • Always keep the yard clean and free of any materials that may be exposed to dengue fever (plastic bags, bottle caps, eggshells and packaging in general);
  • Always drain the outside of the refrigerator and air conditioner. Wash it with soap and water;
  • If you are not going to use PET and glass bottles, put them in a plastic bag for city cleaning collection. If you plan to use them, store them in a covered, dry place and always upside down;
  • Dry any used material that may accumulate water and store in a covered place.

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