Francisque’s environmental and zoonotic agents travel across the city in search of a possible dengue epidemic • SiteBarra

Despite the small number of confirmed cases of dengue fever in Barra de São Francisco, representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Health (Semus) Environmental Control and Endemic Diseases are traveling through the streets of headquarters and districts to look for possible outbreaks of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. .

According to Patrícia Moura, coordinator of environmental monitoring and zoonoses, only one case of dengue fever has been confirmed in the municipality so far this year. However, he warns that many people may have dengue symptoms similar to Covid-19 but did not want to report it to the health industry.

“We have a team of about 15 agents who inspect 40 to 45 properties a day at headquarters and in the countryside. Dengue fever is low, but this is also a concern because many people confuse symptoms with Covid and are not looking for reporting units. Nevertheless, agents block whenever they suspect cases or find a possible dengue fever. “

For possible outbreaks, call 3756-8000 ext. 2058.


The municipality procured several tablets for a group of agents to control endemic diseases in order to computerize data on properties inspected for dengue fever, Zika, and Chikungunya.

The program is an RG system that allows environmental monitoring to monitor the data entered by each factor in a timely manner in order to program actions to prevent suspected cases of high mosquito infestations or large numbers of outbreaks. .

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