“I didn’t see this personality when I destroyed them in the Champions League final.”

Pep Guardiola was outraged by former players’ criticism of Manchester City’s behavior in the Champions League semi-finals, which they lost to Real Madrid. The Catalan coach actually responded very sharply.

– It’s the same character and personality we lost in Madrid in the last two or three minutes. Like the experts, the former players like Berbatov, Seedorf, Patrice Evra, the kind of people who were there. I played against them and I didn’t see that kind of personality in them when I destroyed them, when we destroyed them, in the Champions League final against Manchester United, ”Pep kicked, remembering Barcelona-Mania. United in 2009 (2-0), with Berbatov and Evra representing the English team.

According to the coach, there are no differences between the players who fouled the Bernabéu dishonestly and those who fought for the Premier League championship.

“We have the same character and personality. They can’t say that when we score two goals per minute after two goals scored, we don’t have a personality and we’re like babies, and that we have an amazing personality when we score 22 goals in four games.

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