“I didn’t think it was right … I saw his pain …”

In a statement to TV7 Dias, Nuno Homem de Sán’s girlfriend Frederica Lima recalled her relationship with Bruno de Carvalho and spared no criticism of Sporting’s former president’s attitude towards her ex-girlfriend Joana.

Nuno Homem de Sán’s girlfriend, the “Big Brother – Desafio Final” contestant, gave an interview in which she recalled the time she met her ex-boyfriend Bruno de Carvalho: “I met him at lunch in February 2019. I was in the navy, in the communications department, working with a man who was the manager of a well-known company and went to lunch with him. Coincidentally, Bruno was there and some other friends of the sport.

At this point, Bruno de Carvalho was brought to justice after everything that happened at the Academia de Alcochet: “I caught up with the whole process. It was a complicated phase, but our resignation was already calm. I hope she’s well and happy, and she is.” recalled Frederica Lima.

Frederica Lima reveals that when Bruno de Carvalho joined Big Brother Famosos, he supported his parents: “I know what it is because I was dating him and I know the excitement that was when he showed up somewhere. I was talking to his parents at the time to see if they were okay or if they needed anything, ” explain.

Further after this, Frederica Lima showed solidarity with Bruno de Carvalho’s ex-girlfriend. When the businessman entered the most guarded house in the country, he was in a relationship with Joana, the person he left because of Liliana Almeida:

“I didn’t think what he did to Joana was right because I saw her pain and I understand it. After all, now that I’m here on this side full of nostalgia, imagine seeing Bruno kissing someone else… I’m in solidarity with him. I happen to know his “ex.” He is my darling, but he has not yet recovered. “declared.

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