“I made sure I made everything clear …”

This Thursday, May 12, competitors in the Big Brother – Final Challenge were surprised by a controversial plane that brought an unusual message about the relationship between Bruna Gomes and Bernardo Sousa: “Bernardo Bru doesn’t like you, you don’t deserve it. Forget it“, could be read from the banner that flew over Malveira ‘s house.

After the first plane aimed at the influencer, Catarina Siqueira doubted the competitors and ended up commenting on the pilot, who didn’t get very well received on social media and even made her colleagues somehow confused.

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After a day of intense emotion in the country’s most watched house, Bernardo Sousa was at Yesterday’s Extra and talked for the first time about the two machines his girlfriend had received – the first negative and the second positive.

In their reactions, the winner of Big Brother Famosos did not unnecessarily ignore the opinions of Catarina Siqueira and Ana Barbosa: “The opposite message was spread on social media, which was “Bernardo doesn’t like Bruno,” and I think “Bruna doesn’t like Bernardo.” And then the opinions of Catarina and Ana confused the situation even more, so I made everything clear so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, even though I believed she had no doubts.“.

Watch the video here.

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