Lucerne confirms four dengue patients this Friday (13) – Água Doce expects results from suspects

Lucerne confirms 4 patients with dengue fever this Friday (13) - Água Doce expects results from suspects 1
An area in the fight against dengue fever

Santa Catarina is going through the worst of dengue epidemics, infection and deaths. And the cities in the area are also awake. Água Doce is among the municipalities listed by the state with a high number of outbreaks, and last week it registered 5 patients with suspected illness. According to the press office, three results were negative and two have not yet been announced by Lace.

Neighboring Lucerne, for even more worrying information, City Hall released 4 confirmed DENGUE cases late this Friday afternoon (May 13). Lucerne is slightly smaller than Água Doce, and the confirmation of four positive confirmations in one day will turn on an alarm for the entire area.

According to the Lucerne Municipal Health Agency, the municipality will continue to take action to control the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which spreads dengue fever, zika and Chikungunya. Since the beginning of the year, local health and endemic agents have conducted home inspections in several neighborhoods.

According to Água Dade, the municipal secretary of the Ministry of Health, the city has experienced a worrying increase in the number of epidemics in the last 12 months, despite the measures already taken, such as joint efforts to collect debris. If not every resident does their share at home, the spreading mosquito will continue to reproduce and contaminate people. Dengue fever can cause patient death.

🚨 People need to be careful 🚨

⏩ Avoid leaving water standing;
⏩ Remove the main breeding sites;
🍶 Keep glass bottles, lids and cans upside down;
☘️ Remove branches and leaves from the chutes;
🪣 Keep drums, drains and water tanks well covered;
🚗 Pack the tires in covered places;
🪴 Put sand in potted plant foods;
🗑️ Put the rubbish in tightly closed plastic bags;
❗ Remove all objects that may store water.

🚨Symptoms of Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya 🚨
Fever, pain in the joints of the body and back of the eyes and very tired. May cause redness and diarrhea. In suspected cases, it is recommended that the patient rest, drink plenty of fluids, do not take pain and fever medications without a doctor’s prescription, and seek FHS.

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