Manuel Luís Goucha renews millionaire deal with TVI

Manuel Luís Goucha guarantees continuity at TVI for at least another two years by renewing the millionaire deal with Queluz de Baixo.

Cristina Ferreira changed hands with Manuel Luís Goucha, and the TVI star will extend her contract with TVI for another two years, which can be extended at a later date.

In 2018, when he extended his contract with TVI until December 31, 2022, Manuel Luís Goucha already thought that this last date would mark his farewell to the small screen, or that at least in 2023 he would only be on television. with projects that didn’t force him to be on television every day, as has been the case for nearly 30 years. First at RTP and from 2022 at Queluz de Baixo station.

According to Boa Onda, Cristina Ferreira took turns exchanging with Manuel Luís Goucha, and the 67-year-old presenter reached an agreement and should soon renew his contract with TVI. The salary remains the same: 50 thousand euros per month, plus special programs and advertising..

I had glad that over the next year I would do weekly shows or do whatever television wanted me to do, or not because I’m totally comfortable not doing television. But in the end, I’m not going to reduce the workload“, reveals the presentation of a new edition of Goucha’s” Uma Canção Para Ti “on the page, which will premiere on Sunday, June 5th.

I also had no plans to retire. I said I want another life. I want to have time to enjoy my home space, travel… Work is my home and I live only for this“he clarified.

Now, although Manuel Luís Goucha has changed his rounds, he guarantees: “I am the one who dictates my departure. I want to leave TVI, and I won’t let the TV banish me. It doesn’t even think“.

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