“May our lovers never find …”

This Friday, May 13, the second broadcast of SIC’s “Married à Primeira Vista” program was shown. It was fun during the men’s departure and Bruno even relaxed more.

After the men’s dinner, the couple from SIC’s “Married at First Sight” program also decided to go to a bar where the atmosphere was starting to brighten. Competitors began to mess up Uicãa and said she was always on her cell phone because she missed her bride: “She lowers her cell phone and talks to Doina all the time. Let Doina rest, you’re not with her now, you’re with us.

Bruno started to loosen up and even started a conversation with the foreign woman thinking this would come to work at the bar. John joked and shot: “You have a divorce.” But Bruno didn’t stop there but all night he noticed some women and shot: “I’m still the man who puts them both here. I’m the man enough to put the two of us sitting here. Do you want to put them here? Is it an end to marriages?”

The bride and groom ended the evening with their wives: “May our lovers never find it,” joked Bruno.

See the whole moment here.

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