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Aedes Aegypti is a mosquito that spreads the disease. Environmental monitoring (Photo: disclosure)

An update by the State Department of Health (SES) on dengue fever cases and deaths in Rio Grande do Sul this Thursday (12) provided information on another death from the disease. 27 people will die during the year.

Data collection takes place daily after 4 p.m. in the State Arbovirus (Insect-Transmitted Diseases) panel.

The most recent death was recorded for a resident of Nova Candelária. No further details of the victim have been provided so far.

By then, 15 deaths had been confirmed. In addition, of the 12 (12) deaths reported on Thursday, there will be 27 deaths in the first five months of 2022. This is the highest number of dengue deaths in Rio Grande do Sul in a single year. Until then, the highest number was last year, when 11 people died from the disease.

There are already more than 21,000 initial cases of dengue fever in the Rio Grande do Sul area in 2022. It is also the largest number of confirmed cases in the state during the year.

In addition to Nova Candelária, Erechim, Estância Velha, Nova Hartz, Novo Machado and Porto Alegre recorded the first dengue deaths this year. The other dead were in municipalities where they had already performed in 2022: Cachoeira do Sul, Horizontina, Igrejinha and Novo Hamburgo.

Most of the victims’ profile is elderly. According to the SES panel, 20 of the 27 confirmed deaths were in people aged 70 and older.

Last month, SES imposed a maximum warning against dengue fever in Rio Grande do Sul. Prevention must be done by removing places with stagnant water where the spreading mosquito, Aedes aegypti, increases.

Cities and the number of dengue deaths in the RS in 2022
Boa Vista do Burica: 1
Southern Waterfall: 2
Chapada: 1
Southern crystal: 1
Two brothers: 1
Erechim: 1
Old resort: 1
Horizontal: 3
small church: 4
jaboticaba: 2
tile: 1
New Candelaria: 1
The new Hartz: 1
New Hamburg: 3
New ax: 1
Porto Alegre: 1
Circular traffic: 1
Sapucaia do Sul: 1

Source: Alto Uruguay Radio

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