Nuno Homem de Sán’s girlfriend criticizes ‘ex’ Bruno de Carvalho for ‘fraud’ in ‘BB Famosos’ series – Nacional

Frederica Lima broke the silence about her former relationship with Bruno de Carvalho and even though he wanted to see him happy, he didn’t want to see a DJ cheating with his girlfriend Liliana a Almeida at the house of “Big Brother Famosos”.

Nuno Homem de Sán’s current partner spent two years with the former president of Sporting and told how the first meeting took place: “I met him at lunch in February 2019 with a man who was the manager of a well-known company and I went to lunch with him. Coincidentally, Bruno was present and some other sports fans“he began by saying” TV 7 Dias. “

I caught him at a point when he had no one, he was on his knees. It was before the teaching phase of Alcochet. I caught the whole process. It was a complicated phase, but we were already calm. I hope he’s well and happy, and he is, ”he stressed and explained that he supported Bruno de Carvalho’s parents as he participated in TVI’s reality TV:“ Because Bruno is a media person and everyone always expects to mess up, it’s a huge strain on them, and I know why it’s because I was dating him and I know the excitement that was every time he showed up somewhere. I was talking to his parents at the time to see if they were okay or if they needed anything.“, continued.

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Frederica also points out that she knew Liliana Almeida’s predecessor and that she saw her suffer from the fraud live on Big Brother: “I didn’t think what he did to Joana was right because I saw her pain and I understand it. After all, now that I’m here on this side, I miss you, imagining seeing Bruno kissing someone else. I am in solidarity with him. I happen to know his “ex.” He is my darling, but he has not yet recovered. “

Finally, he recalls that Bruno de Carvalho and Nuno Homem de Sá settled their disagreement at the TVI reality gala: “We didn’t expect to meet Bruno. (…) Nuno looked at me and asked if I was okay, I said. I had no problem (…). I know Nuno went behind the scenes to greet Bruno and I think the matter was resolved there.

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