Paraíba has four suspected cases of measles and SES warns of the need for vaccination

There are currently four suspected cases of measles in Paraíba, and the government is warning of the need to vaccinate the population. The data can be found in the Ministry of Health’s (SES) Epidemiological Bulletin No. 1/2022, published today, Friday, April 30, with data as of April 30th.

There were 16 cases initially suspected, of which 14 were measles and two rubella, but laboratory tests have already ruled out most of them. Still, SES says the suspicions serve as a warning to the public.

For most of this reason, Paraíba will continue its vaccination campaign against measles and rubella with a vaccine that protects against both diseases until June 3rd. Children 6 months of age and younger than 5 years of age and healthcare professionals are vaccinated.

According to the SES Infectious Diseases Center, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent disease. However, although this immunobiological drug is used in 95% of cases, Paraíba registers only 27% of the target population immunized with the first dose of vaccine and 17% with the second dose of vaccine.

SES also informs that the population should be aware of the symptoms. Red spots on the skin and fever associated with conjunctivitis, cough and / or runny nose are strong signs of measles or rubella regardless of age and vaccination. In these cases, the health center must be contacted for notification within a maximum of 24 hours.

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