PS2’s Shadow Hearts may appear on the new service

The new PS Plus can rely on the classic PS2 role-playing game on the list. Universal Entertainment renewed its Shadow Hearts registration on April 27 in Japan, and since the developers said they have no plans for a remake or sequel, it is suspected that the reason for this is the arrival of the trilogy on Sony’s service.

The IP update was not released until May 11th. If the change is related to the redesign of PlayStation Plus benefits, Shadow Hearts (2003), Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2004) and Shadow Hearts: From the New World (2005) will appear as options in the Deluxe package.

Sony promised update the new PS Plus library regularly and also guaranteed presence of great works draw up a list to be provided to subscribers. Several games likely to be on the service have already been identified on PSN servers – Mr. Driller, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party are some of the names.

The PlayStation Plus update will take effect on June 13th. As the Japanese giant has not officially talked about the titles available to subscribers, it is worth waiting for an opinion and addressing these movements caution.

Exclusive products will get worse if they reach the new PS Plus on the first day, Sony says

The fact that Sony’s first-party games won’t arrive on the first day for the new PS Plus is back on the agenda of the Japanese giant. The publisher said it will not take this approach to the service because the quality of exclusive products may deteriorate. Understand!

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