Sete Lagoas has a high rate of dengue infections – Gerais

According to the latest annual survey of the extent of Aedes aegypti larval infestation (PII) in the central part of the state, the city of Sete Lagoas had an average epidemic risk of 1.9 percent. The result is higher than that recommended by the Ministry of Health, which would be less than 1%.

Most of the nesting sites found in this study are still indoors, mainly in animal drinkers, plant pots and pans, in barrels and water tanks at ground level, in sewers and through-boxes. The study was conducted in the last week of April by the Municipal Ministry of Health (Dengue Control Management).

Areas with the highest number of infections: Verde Vale, Montreal, Nossa Senhora das Graas, São Jorge, Ftima, Bela Vista III, Santa Luzia, Jardim Arizona, Padre Teodoro, Vila Brasil, Boa Vista, Jardim Europa, Industrial Airport, Luxembourg, Ondina Vasconcelos de Oliveira and Nossa Senhora do Carmo I.

According to City Hall, the municipality reported 159 cases of dengue in January-April this year, four of which were confirmed and 155 rejected. Nine cases of Chikungunya were recorded, one confirmed, seven rejected and one under investigation. Two cases of Zika virus were reported, all of which were rejected.

“We are not in a favorable situation, we need to remain vigilant. The danger of dengue fever circulates among us. We need to be careful to avoid stagnant water, ”emphasizes Adriano Souza, director of the Arbovirus Control Center.

Also, according to the leader, in 2021, the city reported 473 cases of dengue, of which 22 were confirmed and 451 were rejected, in addition to the four reported cases of Zika virus and two reported cases of Chikungunya, all of which were rejected.

Symptoms of the disease

The prefecture warns that people with two or more symptoms – high fever, headache, behind the eye, body, joint or abdominal pain – should seek the nearest health center.

Mosquito control tips

• Always keep the barrels covered, as this is one of the nesting places where mosquitoes occur in the city;

• Remove or sand from the pots and do not allow water to collect on the leaves of the plants;

• Wash pet water bowls weekly with water, sponge and soap;

• Check the house for blockages or junction boxes and keep them closed when not in use;

• Remove leaves and other dirt that is blocking the flow of water in the gutters;

• Always keep the water tank clean and covered;

• Store empty bottles and buckets upside down, gallons, vats and cans must be kept closed;

• Tires should be stored in covered areas where they are not exposed to rain;

• Always clean the refrigerator, humidifier and air-conditioning containers by removing accumulated water;

• If you have a swimming pool at home, clean it weekly and spread chlorine;

• Avoid collecting debris and debris in the yard. When disposing of, close the bags well and keep the debris covered;

• Remove any water puddles that have accumulated on the bare tiles.

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